Sunday, February 01, 2009

Transparency's Magic Bullet? Horse Hockey

President Obama and his supporters believe transparency will cure government problems. Put information on the web and bureaucrats will clean up their behavior. Balderdash!

President George W. Bush posted his Hurricane Katrina Lessons Learned report on the web. His whitewash produced many questions, some are included on this blog. Those questions were sent to elected officials, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, Senator John Cornyn, and Representative Mike Conaway. No politician addressed them. Neither did the Bush White House, author Frances Townsend, the Department of Homeland Security, FBI or Justice Department.

"Transparency" couldn't produce one reply from dozens of inquiries. One failure of a theory requires its modification. Transparency is not the magic bullet, as promised. Leadership is required, one based on profound knowledge. As Dr. W. Edwards Deming said, "It's management's job to know."

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