Thursday, February 05, 2009

Obama's Change Equals Spin

The Obama team tried the Friday evening news release on HHS nominee Tom Daschle. The story dropped his $2 million association with Alston & Bird, a lobbying firm, and $140,000 in tax problems. The public was not impressed.

Tom's revelations came after two other nominees showed their IRS dirty underwear. Treasury Chief Tim Geithner passed. What guy doesn't have some ugly looking shorts? But White House Performance Officer Nancy Killefer's nomination died with her soiled panties.

Next up to the plate is Leon Panetta for the top CIA spot. Last year he made $831,000 in director's fees and speaking engagements. He also worked for a St. Louis based lobbying firm.

Leon spoke at The Carlyle Group's annual investors conference. Funny, David Rubenstein lamented at the SuperReturn conference that he needed to do more lobbying. Will he call Rahm Emanuel, the beneficiary of over $16,000 in Carlyle donations his last Congressional run? Will they call Leon Panetta, the recipient of $28,000 in speaking fees?

Mr. Panetta will oversee America's premier intelligence arm, historically an international bad actor. Carlyle owns Booz, Allen, Hamilton, the huge government consulting and intelligence contractor.

Big oil has an insider voice at the highest levels of national security. General James L. Jones continues Chevron's run of having board members in charge of the National Security Agency. Leon Panetta sat on the board of BP, North America. Obama's change is oily spin.

Now Change means No Change from W.

Don't believe it? Ask the transparent Obama for the list of sponsors and attendees at the Energy Reception during the Democratic National Convention. Coming to a website near you, soon. Doubtful.

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