Monday, February 02, 2009

3 Million Nonplanners Await Government Coupons

The American people didn't plan for the switch to digital television said the Senator from Minnesota on CSPAN. She added 3,000,000 were on the waiting list for $40 coupons for a digital converter box. I am one of those. Here's my experience:

As soon as the government announced their online site was up and running to request coupons, I tried to apply. The system was inoperable, likely overloaded. Weeks later, I successfully applied.

Never having received a coupon in the mail, I applied again. Nothing ever came.

Welcome to the state of customer service in America. Leaders provide incapable systems and blame customers for "not planning". How did 3 million non-planners end up on a waiting list? Congress holds the public in utter contempt.

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