Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Karen Hughes' First Assignment

Bush's Karen Hughes joined Clinton's Mark Penn as Global Vice Chair at giant PR firm, Burson-Marsteller. Apparently, her winning over the Muslim world impressed the big dogs at the infamous communications firm. She did a banner job of keeping the Bush Beijing family & rich donor reunion under wraps.

Her first stop? The Beijing Olympics closing ceremony. Can't get much more global than that. Heading up the delegation are the U.S. Secretary of Labor and Health & Human Services. Never mind China's spotty record on labor. Ignore their repeated sending of poisonous products to America. The Bush appointments couldn't be more ironic.

Will Mike Leavitt inspect any heparin plants during his visit? Can he get back in time to save Americans struggling to keep their health insurance or pay high medical bills?

August 24-Olympic Closing Ceremonies

August 26-Census Bureau releases data on the number of uninsured Americans

Hurry home, Mike! Well over 47 million people are waiting for an explanation....

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