Monday, August 11, 2008

Dark Night of the Soulless: George Bush's Late Night RISK Game

Around the world, leaders solve conflicts via force. President George W. Bush trained for this moment in his college days with his all night RISK matches. The game of global domination has players mobilizing armies and rolling the dice to victory. A look at the board shows the U.S. in an overall favorable position, with over 400 military bases throughout the world.

Russia mobilized its forces last week to deal with Georgia, its former Soviet Union member. It came to the aid of two breakaway regions, one of which Georgian forces worked to control. The U.S. and Israel sold military equipment and supplies to Georgia, but the strength of their allegiance remains to be seen.

Months ago, Israel restricted its arms sales to Georgia to defensive weapons. Today it claims to be a neutral party, citing the diplomatic yellow brick road runs through Washington, D.C. It's the same road taken by legions of Israeli defense officials the last two months, as they met with V.P. Dick Cheney and their American counterparts

A New York Times piece shows local Georgians angry at the U.S. for doing little to nothing on their behalf. Meanwhile, multiple aircraft carriers steam toward the Persian Gulf.

Proxy wars are fought with arms from their allies. Notice they don’t take place on home territory, US or Russia. Watch closely what happens next. If Russia is occupied in Georgia, that gives them a great excuse for not rushing to the aid of their ally, Iran.

Me thinks a fix is in. Russia gets to tamper in Georgia, while Israel and the US make mischief in Iran. Is that the backroom deal struck by sociopathic world leaders? Time will tell.

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