Monday, August 25, 2008

Is Georgie Planning to Pull a Harry?

President Harry Truman castigated a Republican Congress in his acceptance speech at the 1948 Democratic National Convention. He berated them for doing nothing on key issues facing the American people. He closed his speech by calling the 80th Congress back into session, reading a list of things they could do, before the election.

The Republican Energy protest at the Capital hinted at a repeat in today's session. Nearly a month ago, they pleaded with President Bush to call Congress back. After he refused, they dropped Bush's name altogether, and berated House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Today, George W.'s name reappeared.

Will George W. Bush call Congress back into session early to deal with the energy issue? Might he need them at work, after V.P. Dick Cheney's world tour through Georgia? Dick’s likely talking about containing Russian blow back after the cascading series of events, also known as Cheney’s Nighttime Fantasy. It could go something like this:

1. Israel attacks Iran’s nuclear facilities
2. Iran retaliates
3. The huge American and international armada in the Persian Gulf, Red Sea, Mediterranean and Pacific (off North Africa) crushes Iran’s response
4. Iran’s Ahmadinejad pleads for help in a surprisingly similar fashion to Georgian leader Saakashvili
5. The United Nations sits on its hands
6. The Carlyle Group’s sale of John Maneeley to a Russian steel firm goes through unopposed
7. The U.S. agrees to trade a Saakashvili for an Ahmadinejad and all the hegemonic world powers are happy. Oil flows freely, but at much higher levels due to “world conflict”

All of Dick Cheney’s dreams come true. All of his true friends are overjoyed. He retires from his double secret stamping job as VP with kajillions in Halliburton stock.

Will Georgie pull a Harry on an unproductive Congress? Can Dick gets his fantasy fulfilled? Stay tuned...

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