Sunday, September 09, 2007

Virtually Incompetent Fran Calls Osama Virtually Impotent

Foul mouthed White House Homeland Security Advisor . Fran Townsend called Osama bin Laden "virtually impotent" today on CNN. She said he'd been marginalized to the point of sending videotaped messages from a cave. That brings to mind another Bush video star, Michael Brown of FEMA. Bush's emergency czar did little more the first few days than pose for a camera.

I can hear the collective groan saying, "no fair, that's Brownie's not Fran's." And who wants to defend Osama bin Laden? Certainly not me. However, Fran played a key role in Hurricane Katrina. She wrote the White House Lesson Learned report for Katrina. Had she been a male, I would characterize the report as virtually impotent. Instead, it qualifies as incompetent.

Videotape showed President Bush asking Mike Brown about hospital patients, but this area got short shrift in the post mortem. In a normal investigation you state who's responsible and how they performed. Not in Bushes world.

Fran left out the hospital with the largest number of patient deaths post Katrina, Lifecare. Just weeks before landfall, The Carlyle Group purchased LifeCare Hospitals. That company now blames the federal government, saying as soon as FEMA set up evacuation teams in New Orleans, their patients became wards of the federal government.

However, Carlyle has for the most part kept their good name out of news reports. Their media guru is the ex-CEO of Time Warner, which happens to own CNN. Now we're getting somewhere...

Impotent, incompetent ... they seem to apply to both Bush and bin Laden.

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