Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It Isn't Coming, It's Here!

The Bush administration wants Congress to give it broader spying powers so it can pre-emptively arrest and taser any students simply owning a copy of Greg Palast's "Armed Madhouse", much less asking questions of the losing candidate in a manipulated election at ground zero of the voter fraud. Agents of government will be able to enter one's home and turn on the sprinkler system to prevent the dreaded brown lawn. This is just in case any 70 year old great grandmothers decide that's not a useful way to spend their meager Social Security checks.

And to keep prisoners from reading any library material that could "discriminate, disparage, advocate violence or radicalize", convicts will no longer have access to any such printed information, much of it religious in nature. However, they will live next to other hardened prisoners 24 hours a day in a verbal graduate school of crime, broken into gang oriented classes.

Just as the armed forces has an approved form of religion, so too will prisons. Open up for fire and brimstone, the prosperity gospel, might beats right, and the religion of free markets. As for those of us not yet behind bars without habeas corpus, there's no need to open your front door. Courtesy of Congress, President Bush already has a copy of your key...

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