Sunday, September 16, 2007

Alberto's Teary Goodbye

Justice Department Chief Alberto Gonzales said goodbye to his co-workers this past Friday. My imagination had it going like this:

"I'm really gonna miss you guys. Who can remember those hours spent scheming to lean the next national election our way by dumping uncooperative attorney generals?"

All the heads shook side to side.

"Who can remember our purging voter rolls for much the same reason?"

More denials.

"But who can forget those late night hours spent around the tattered sofa in the basement of the White House, smoking the no-no and jamming to Purple Haze while President Bush played RISK, only the whole board was the Middle East?"

Cheers and tears flowed freely. The crowd cried "we love you Alberto". Yes, Mr. Gonzales runs with a funny crowd, long on loyalty and short on memory. What will the nation do when Alberto is recycled into public service in the future? Will we remember?

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