Monday, September 24, 2007

Clinton Supports Bayh's Golden Goose

Indiana Senator Evan Bayh endorsed Hillary Clinton for President today. He waited for her to reveal her health care plans and rightfully so, Mrs. Susan Bayh sits on the board of WellPoint, the huge health insurer. Exercising options the last few years added considerably to the Bayh family's household income. My guess is he would have thrown his ample support behind another candidate if Hillary really wanted to cut out the middlemen, which happens to be the family's $1.3 million golden goose since 2004.

Recall Senator Bayh had his name in the Presidential hat for all of two weeks. The manufactured reason for quiting was "he dropped out of the race amid evidence that Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois were building formidable campaign organizations." Yet a later article spoke of the formidable organization Evan built in Iowa, now benefiting other candidates. So Evan dropped out for another reason. Did it have to do with the serious money Susan made flipping her WellPoint options? The timing is suspicious. No matter what, Evan's grateful, even magnanimous. Feel the goose, Hillary? Could this be the beginning of a long term relationship?

(I tried to post the Bayh WellPoint tie on CNN's Political Ticker endorsement piece but the moderator scrubbed it. It seems the Clinton team runs a tight media ship, capable of coming out with guns ablazing.)

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