Wednesday, November 09, 2022

PETA Letter Missing from City Council Agenda

The City of San Angelo released the agenda and background packet for next week's City Council meeting.  It does not include consideration of PETA's letter encouraging Council to reverse the closing of dog intake for November for public safety reasons.  

The Animal Shelter is on the Consent Agenda.  Item P is:

Consider a resolution accepting the donation of outdoor kennels and play yards to Animal Services (Morgan Chegwidden)

The donation includes 25 outdoor kennels and a play area.

Concho Valley PAWS has fundraised private dollars to construct outdoor kennels and play yards to offer enrichment to canines housed at Animal Services as well as provide for efficiencies in cleaning entire rooms of kennels empty of dogs for more thorough disinfecting. They will install 25 outdoor kennels directly south of the building as well as one large play group east of the animal shelter. The estimated cost of the project is $41,750 to be funded entirely through private dollars collected and remitted by Concho Valley PAWS.

During the roach infestation and horrific hoarding conditions the City purchased 24 stainless steel cages at a cost of $23,659.98.  City maintenance staff set them up in the 4H Building.  What is the current status of those 24 cages and how do they relate to this project?

Items not on the agenda cannot be discussed.  The public would like to know the status of the city's  review "of all the information that was in the letter sent by PETA."

An option would be to ask the Animal Shelter Advisory Committee for advice, however there is no ASAC meeting scheduled.   

It's hard to see where any policy setting body is considering the issues raised in the PETA letter.  

(PETA is short for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.)

Update 11-15-22:  City Council met today.  It did not pull the kennel donation from the consent agenda so the item passed without discussion.  The Mayor did not ask for future agenda items at the end of the meeting.  So, the December 13th meeting is Council's next chance to have the city's PETA letter response discussed in public.  The next ASAC meeting is scheduled for January 19, 2023.

Update 11-30-22:  Over three weeks ago "the City of San Angelo told Concho Valley Homepage staff that they are still reviewing all the information that was in the letter sent by PETA."  It's the last day of the month and there has been no public response to the issues raised in the PETA letter.

Update 12-13-22:   A dog attacked a neighbor on Oxford Avenue and the dog was shot with a gun during the attack.  Someone in local rescue posted:. 

Please let’s do something to open the city shelter back up at least for aggressive dogs. Citizens of this city should not have to deal with this

....this is what happens when animal control doesn’t take action for stray dogs.

Update 1-17-23:  It appears the Animal Shelter Advisory Committee will not meet as scheduled for Thursday, January 19, 2023 given city staff are yet to post an agenda.  The Texas Open Meetings Act requires the agenda to be posted 72 hours in advance.  That deadline has passed with no agenda posted for the scheduled meeting.

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