Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Planning Commission Approves Lake Nasworthy "Illegal Divisions"

The Wild West applies to more than one city operation as evidenced by a recent Planning Commission meeting.  City staff presented the need to replat four homes on Lake Nasworthy's Hillside Drive due to owners undertaking a number of projects and/or purchases.

SKG Engineering's Russell Gully said in public comment:

"We would ask for your approval with the variance as requested.  This is really cleaning up.  I guess some of the ... one of the property owners had bought two lots and did some improvements, moved some lines and then bought the neighbor.  They swapped a little bit of land and moved some stuff around, so this is really....I think one of them was going to put one of the houses up for sale so they were kind of like, you know what let's fix this, clean it up, get the lines, platted lines, where we've done some "illegal divisions" and correct that.  So really this is really just getting the platted lines in the correct locations.  I'll be happy to answer any questions and I guess Mr. Vannoy has done such a great job maybe we can see him every month going forward for awhile.  Thank you."

Oddly Mr. Vannoy made an excuse that this item came from another planner late in the process and wasn't sure what changes were being made in the replat to correct years of "illegal divisions."  He pointed to two property lines he thought were moved but could not say so with authority.

What's the duty of a contractor or engineering firm to inform residents of the need to go through the planning process for major changes in property within city limits?  

What's the penalty for residents who ignore city ordinances and add structures or move property lines without going through the required process?  

Staff previewed several upcoming items for the commission.  One included changes at another Lake Nasworthy development The Palms which has been developed by the Russell Gully's Psalm 100.  

Planning staff said it involved more cleanup.  I can't imagine there are illegal divisions from such a new development, especially one developed by someone with knowledge of city ordinances.  We will see.

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