Friday, March 12, 2021

Gilbert Consulting to Get Another $60,000 from City

San Angelo City Council will entertain hiring Former Municipal Judge Allen Gilbert for a third year of services.  The item is on the Consent Agenda (H) and will not be discussed for the public's benefit unless it is pulled into Regular Session by a councilperson.  Gilbert shifted from employee to contractor in early 2019.  

City staff are yet to provide information showing Judge Gilbert's contributions to Municipal Court, hours worked, cases closed, etc.  The contact will have been renewed twice without the public learning of the Judge's impact.

Update 3-15-22:  City Council approved the Municipal Court judicial services contract for the coming year, however there was no information in the background packet on the item and no dollar amount mentioned.

Update 2-18-23:  City Council will consider another contract with Gilbert Consulting for $36,000.  Council approved four $60,000 annual contracts since the judge's retirement in 2019.  That's a nice $240,000 post retirement gig.

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