Sunday, February 28, 2021

Darby Asked about Transmission Congestion and More

On Day 2 of House Energy Committee hearings Rep. Drew Darby continued his focus on keeping power to critical infrastructure, like natural gas line compressors, during a power crisis.  He added a concern about transmission lines, i.e. having the ability to move power from one part of the state to another.  

Darby suggested the PUC pursue another economic model.  A High Plains cooperative has a $400 million bill from the event.  Darby expressed concern how the money will wash through the system and how many companies will not be able to meet their obligations?  Will they expect the Texas legislature to bail them out?

Darby read from an invoice that showed $14.5 billion in short interest from the three day period.  He coached other committee members that the numbers will come in from their communities and things could be very expensive for some.

Rep. Darby asked the ATT representative about use of the Emergency Alert System to communicate with Texans during a crisis, weather or otherwise.

It can happen again, until legislators take action to prevent it.

Update 3-1-21:  Reuters reported:

Texas’s largest and oldest electric power cooperative on Monday filed for bankruptcy protection in federal court in Houston, citing a disputed $1.8 billion bill from the state’s grid operator.  

Brazos Electric Power Cooperative Inc, which supplies electricity to more than 660,000 consumers across the state, is one of dozens of providers facing enormous charges stemming from a severe cold snap last month. The fallout threatens utilities and power marketers, which collectively face billions of dollars in blackout-related charges, executives said.

An ERCOT spokeswoman did not have an immediate comment. The Public Utility Commission, the state’s regulator that oversees ERCOT, was unavailable for comment.

What will the Texas legislature do with a market implosion laid atop an actual disaster?  It is of their making.

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