Monday, January 18, 2021

City to Spend Over $1.2 million for Four $20,000 Jobs


The City of San Angelo Development Corporation will consider a $1.2 million economic incentive for SkyWest Airlines to begin air service from Mathis Field to Houston Intercontinental.

COSADC will make available up to $1,000,000 in revenue guarantee to offsetdemonstrable quarterly revenue shortfalls in the operation of the air service per the agreement

COSADC shall provide $200,000 to the San Angelo Chamber of Commerce for direct advertising support of SkyWest air service.

SkyWest anticipates the creation of at least 4 FTE employees with an average salary of $20,000, and an initial operational investment of $1,000,000 resulting from the establishment of its regional corporate headquarters facilities within the City.

San Angelo saw Delta (Dallas), Conquest (Austin) and Continental (Houston) come and go from Mathis Field.  American Airlines has been the faithful air provider.  

Providing $1.2 million  for four jobs paying a mere $20,000 seems steep.  That's $300,000 in public money per job created.  There's more subsidy.

City will waive all airport rental and landing fees at the airport for a period of two years to facilitate SkyWest's operations in San Angelo
The value of waiving rental and landing fees was not included in the background packet.

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