Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Tom Green County Office Closed due to COVID-19


The Tom Green County Clerk's office is closed until November 23, 2020 after half the staff in the office that produces records for the public tested positive for the coronavirus.

Tom Green County Commisssioner's Court took no action on a plan to use off duty police officers to request citizen compliance with mask and social distancing commitments made by local employers.

County Judge Steve Floyd said in last week's press conference, "My opinion of these (holding up a mask) is not real high."  He did say mask use is needed to turn the bad tide.  The Judge asked people who don't want to wear masks to stay away from places that require them.

Locally 86 people are in the hospital for COVID-19, exceeding the number shared last Friday that shifts coronavirus management over to the Texas Governor and Local Health Authority Dr. James Vretis.  

Signs of coronavirus spread are in county offices.  Action is needed.  Wear a mask, social distance and take Vitamin D.  For most citizens a vaccine is months away.  We need to get everyone to the point when effective vaccines are available.  That's what a community does.

Update 11-18-20:  City of San Angelo indicated Shannon Medical Center has 88 inpatients with COVID-19.   The County website has no information on the Clerk's office being closed.  No word yet on Judge Floyd losing his local discretion. 


Update 11-22-20:  Judge Floyd informed the public that the County Clerk's office reopened on Friday.  Floyd did that in a press conference hosted by the City.

Update 11-25-20:  Shortly after reopening the District Clerk's office Elizabeth McGill submitted her resignation.

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