Thursday, April 09, 2020

COVID-19 Cases Reach 32

The City of San Angelo reported seven new coronavirus cases.  The Standard Times reported:

The new cases include: 
- Male in his 60s, exposure to known case
- Male in his 40s, exposure to known case
- Teenage male, exposure to known case
- Young boy, community spread
- Female in her 30s, exposure to known case
- Preteen female, exposure to known case
- Teenage male, exposure to known case
Cases in our community are much younger.  78% of cases are patients in their 40's or younger.  The one death to date was a man in his 70's.  Five cases have no known origin and are considered the result of community spread.

Update 8:30 pm on 4-9-20:  A positive case was reported at a local daycare.  It's not clear if this is the young boy listed above as community spread or another case.   Local health officials have significant contact tracing to do as the city enters a Good Friday holiday.

Update 4-10-20:  The City reported its 33rd positive COVID-19 case, a woman in her sixties with community spread.  This is our sixth case in our community where the patient had no known contact with another positive case.

Update 4-11-20:  The daycare case is being handled by the Department of Healthcare Services as the child is a resident of another county.  City Health Director said children cannot go to daycare if they have a 104 degree temperature or higher.  She did not say anything about contact tracing and testing for those who may have been exposed via diaycare.  The city reported two news cases, bringing the total to 35.  Both are women, one in her 20's and the other in her 40's.  Both are cases of community spread

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