Thursday, July 25, 2019

Green Reports Again on Water District as Disgraced Chief

San Angelo Live's Yantis Green wrote:

Lake water from the Twin Buttes reservoir is flowing through Lake Nasworthy and down the irrigation canal to thirsty cotton fields near Veribest for the first time in about ten years. 
Green did not cite a source or quote anyone in his article.  Ten years ago Yantis Green was District Manager for the owner of the irrigation canal, the Tom Green County Irrigation and Water Control District #1.  He and City Water Chief Will Wilde collaborated to push Twin Buttes water through the canal in 2009.

Will Wilde happened to own a 300 acre cotton farm near the head of the irrigation canal.  In 2012 Yantis Green admitted embezzling $63,000 in public funds from the Water Control District.  Months later Wilde resigned from a firestorm of controversies, the biggest being the unauthorized purchase of over $100,000 in Water Department furniture. 

Green reported to prison on March 1, 2013.  San Angelo Live started in September 2013 six months after Yantis began serving time.

"There's a whole host of consequences for being a convicted felon."
There aren't any consequences for failing to disclose Yantis served as subject matter expert, author and photographer for his piece.

One can even be promoted to Editor-in-Chief.  I'm not sure how Yantis will coach Yantis on proper disclosure.  

Update 1-5-22:  Yantis wrote a piece setting the stage for civil war in America.  He pits the rabid Right vs. the unhinged Left.  Yantis omitted lots of independent voters who don't buy into his false choices.  Drivel from an ethically challenged individual who supports the Red Team.

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