Thursday, June 13, 2019

City Quits Recording Select Boards

A number of City of San Angelo Boards and Commissions have the following language as part of the agenda:

In an effort to provide our viewing public with information on the various City Boards and Commissions, this meeting will be recorded and broadcasted on Local Government Channel 17.
Meetings not recorded in March/April include:

Animal Shelter Advisory Committee met on 4-18-19 at the Fire Training Center on Highway 67.  Recording history showed last recording to be 1-17-19.

Civic Events Board met on 4-25-19 at McNease Convention Center.  Recording history showed last recording to be on 1-31-19.

Airport Advisory Board met on 3-25-19 at McNease Convention Center.  Recording history showed last recording occurred on 5-31-18.

Parks and Recreation Board met on 5-23-19 at McNease Convention Center.  Recording history showed last meeting recorded to have been on 2-28-19.   In that meeting PIO Anthony Wilson spoke on all the ways his office supports the Parks board.

City Council, Planning Commission and the Development Corporation are the most consistently recorded for the public to view.  A January 8, 2019 Development Corporation planning session was not recorded.

The Water Advisory Board evaporated after last fall's big runoff rains.  It last met on 9-24-18.  The City stopped recording the Zoning Board of Adjustments in 2015 and the last Design and Historic Review Commission video was posted in late 2014.

This information came directly from the city's webpages and YouTube site.  If there are videos not yet posted then please get them added for interested citizens to view.  If not, why the policy change or deterioration in the level of practice?

Update 6-16-19:  Is this why the local public is not being served as promised?

Update 7-2-19:  Wilson may have been too busy searching for his new job in Maine to provide consistent public service.  He did tear up today in front of City Council, which offered high level fawning.

Update 8-19-19:  A public information request produced the following answer:  "The City of San Angelo does not have a policy relating to recording board meetings."

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