Sunday, March 10, 2019

No Fanfare or Presentation for Rehiring of Judge Gilbert

For months the City of San Angelo was atwitter over the retirement of Municipal Court Judge Allen Gilbert. On February 19th the City's Twitter feed noted the Judge's looming retirement.

March 1 the public was invited to his retirement celebration,  The Twitter post did not mention City Council discussed hiring Gilbert Consultants in executive session on February 15th

On March 4th the City led the public to believe Judge Gilber's last day would be Friday. 

City Council rehired Gilbert on March 5th  

Not one word was uttered for the public to hear about re-employing Judge Gilbert as a contractor for $60,000 a year.  There was no Twitter post celebrating Judge Gilbert's return to the City's Municipal Court.

Straight talk would've informed the public how much of Judge Gilbert's time the court will receive for $60,000 and for how long. Neither City Manager or City Council did that.


anonymous said...

And this guy works FULL TIME now for Ener-Tel Services, who has a ton of accounts with the city of San Angelo for fire and security systems.... hmmm.... wonder how they got those accounts. Nobody is looking into this? I would think the other San Angelo security companies would be interested. just sayin!

PEU Report/State of the Division said...

There is a Brady Gilbert who works for Ener-Tel as a Director. I don't see where Judge Allen Gilbert is now working for Ener-Tel. Do have something that shows Judge Gilbert is now with Ener-Tel?

State of the Division/PEU Report said...

Enertel put out a news release on May 8, 2019 that clearly shows Judge Allen Gilbert is the company's Consulting General Manager. Wow, that's two consulting gigs, one with the city and one with a company that does alot of work with the city.