Monday, January 28, 2019

Four Years Since Public Works Chief Last Presented to City Council

Executive Director of Public Works Ricky Dickson had three regular agenda presentations to San Angelo City Council since his promotion in November 2014.  Those presentations occurred in December 2014.

Executive Director Dickson hasn't presented to City Council in a regular meeting in four years, which seems odd given the city's emphasis on water, the series of changes in the Republic trash contract and the need to fix San Angelo's horrible streets.

Dickson did talk to Council in a March 2016 Strategic Planning session about buying a building for the Water Billing department.   Dickson has referred to Water Billing staff as "the girls" in the past.  They are now in the old First Financial Bank building downtown, renamed City Hall Annex.   His comments were not a presentation, but a head's up.

While Dickson did not appear before City Council he was busy overseeing a Public  Works Department that hired his son in April 2016.  It took an internal uprising in August 2017 to prevent the city from employing his son-in-law in a newly created project manager role.  Several courageous people spoke up and prevented this from occurring.

Dickson is in the best position to explain why city streets have gone to heck as he had a major role in street maintenance during his nearly three decades with the city.  What key decisions were made over the years that contributed to the city's vast under-investment in street upkeep?  That presentation should be made to City Council and soon.   

Update 3-16-22:  Brandon remains employed by the City of San Angelo after his father's retirement. 

Update 5-23-23:  The city budgeted $14.3 million to upgrade the Standard Times building for Public Works and other departments.  Staff will move from the former First Financial Bank building (City Hall Annex) into the Standard Times space.  At that point the cost to upgrade the former bank building for a police station will be identified.

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