Saturday, November 03, 2018

Mayor Asks, City Staff Ignores

Mayor Brenda Gunter made a clear request of San Angelo city staff during the October 16, 2018 Council meeting.  It was not recorded in the minutes or acted upon for the November 6, 2018 City Council meeting.

Mayor Gunter asked staff to present the financial results from the just closed fiscal year.  This item is not on the November 6th agenda as requested.  The Mayor made a clear request the minutes fail to document in that section or under future agenda items.

The Water Enterprise Fund Balance rose to $10.3 million as of 9-30-18.  That's 158 days of budgeted water revenue.  The city said its target is 75 days.  Other water fund balances total $20.5 million.  That does not include the Lake Nasworthy fund of $14 million.  With massive runoff the last two months the City's water supply is the healthiest I've ever seen. 

The Solid Waste Fund Balance rose to $4.3 million.  Council will deal with the solid waste contract in Executive Session.  Republic Services requested to walk back its recycling commitments.

Council makes strategic budget decisions and should hear the results of their actions prior to the completion of the fiscal audit.  I applaud Mayor Gunter's request for timely feedback.  Time will show if staff intend to deliver. 

Update 11-16-18:  Once again city staff ignored the Mayor's request (as reflected in the November 20 City Council agenda.)

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