Sunday, August 05, 2018

City Wants More Federal Money for STD Clinic

As of 6-30-18 the City of San Angelo reported an unspent $411,491 Medicare Section 1115 Waiver grant funds out of an initial award of $960,000.  That $411,491 is enough to fund 100% of the STD clinic's expenses for 3.5 years.

The City's Bluebook documents reveal an even bigger surplus.  Out of $952,413 received the city spent just $331,657, leaving an excess of $620,756 as of 6-30-18.  That's 5.4 years of 100% federal funding of STD clinic operations.

City Council will consider staff's recommendation for more federal/state funding in their Tuesday meeting.  Staff has not presented any information to City Council on the grant since 12-4-2012.  As the item is on the consent agenda that may remain in place.

In March staff did not inform Council of this substantial surplus when it raised lab fees for patients to cover costs.  Federal money was intended to keep health care accessible and affordable for at risk populations. Staff and Council ignored the significant surplus in March and will likely do so again on Tuesday. 

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