Saturday, March 03, 2018

City Council to Hear about Intergraph/Hexagon?

City Council will entertain spending $150,405 on a maintenance contract for its police and fire emergency dispatch system.  The city council background for 3-6-18 states:

The City of San Angelo is in the process of migrating our CAD/RMS system back to our previous provider. The maintenance cost cover support and installation for the preparation of these servers prior to and after they go live.

On March 21, 2017 City Council approved spending nearly $2.4 million to replace the Spillman dispatch system by upgrading its ancient Intergraph system.  Hexagon bought Intergraph in 2010.  

The quickest, most reasonable path to a working system is to begin working with our previous vendor, Hexagon/Intergraph, to re-establish the functionality of our previous system.
Might City Council get a staff update on the Intergraph upgrade?  Not likely. 

The item is on the Consent Agenda.  A City Council member would have to pull the item for discussion.

Staff should want the public to hear how they addressed a system that placed people in jeopardy, the clear message a year ago.  Is the fix in and working? If not, when will the city get value for spending over $2 million on a system it ignored for decades?

Update 3-6-18:  No member of City Council pulled this item for public explanation.  It passed quietly in the consent agenda.

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