Monday, March 13, 2017

Dogs Continue Small Pet Hunting Behavior

Pets around Glenmore Park and Old Christoval Road remain at risk for injury or death from dog packs that continue to roam the area.  Neighbors banded together two weeks ago when numerous pets were killed.  An area veterinarian is helping the group determine the cause of death for some of the animals.

Other citizens have monitored the area with the intent of trapping the dogs who continue to cruise the neighborhood.

They've determined there are at least five dogs working in one or more packs.   Dogs in the night camera pictures are inside a fenced area.

These dogs are not interested in food left out to satisfy hunger.  They walk past bowls of dog food intent on going to areas where they've killed before.  This behavior will continue until these dogs are trapped.

I personally saw these dogs running through Glenmore Park, an area that needs to be safe for small children.  The sooner they are caught the better.

Update 3-14-17 at 8:00 am:  A citizen trapped one dog early this morning and called the non-emergency police to access Animal Control.  The Animal Control officer would not come get the dog at 4:00 am and instructed the caller to bring in the dangerous animal at 10:00 am. As the citizen only had access to one dog sized trap this response, more like a non-response, prevented the potential trapping of more rogue pet killing dogs.

Update 3-14-17 at 10:15 pm:  Animal Control picked up the trapped dog this morning at a private residence on Old Christoval Road.  Citizens said the Animal Control Officer was very professional in their approach and handling of the situation.   The ACO reiterated the procedure is to call the Police Department non-emergency number after hours and an ACO will come out and pick up the trapped animal.  While that didn't happen last night citizens have been assured that is the proper procedure.  Thank you to San Angelo City Councilman Lane Carter for his interest and support on this concerning situation and to ACO Floyd Bias for his timely and compassionate response.

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