Sunday, January 15, 2017

Council to Consider Less Recycling for Increased Bulk Pickup

San Angelo's city staff will propose changes to trash collection for Council to consider this Tuesday.  The 1-17-17 City Council background packet states:

Providing every other week bulk pick‐up and every other week collection of recyclable.  

Provider shall manage the initial delivery of one additional Recyclables cart for each residential address that subscribes to waste collection services.  Delivery of additional Recyclables carts shall occur only if requested by a residential customer that subscribes to waste collection services. Residential customers that request delivery of one additional Recyclables cart shall not be charged for delivery provided the request is made within 6 months of the effective date.
 Citizens who fill their recycling cart every week can get a second cart delivered free.

If a customer desires additional cart(s) beyond one for Acceptable Waste and one for Recyclables, then City may charge such customer for the carts in accordance with the fee schedule approved by City Council.
The city provided Exhibits A and F to clarify fees.

Exhibit F leads one to belief the second recycling cart will cost citizens as the base price only cites one recycling cart.  Exhibit A states:  Additional cart fee – recycling (beyond 2 carts).

For now it appears current citizens can request a second recycling cart and not be charged extra.  What happens after the six month window?  Will citizens have to pay both a delivery and monthly fee for an extra recycling bin?

Update 1-19-17:  Citizen's must watch to ensure fair and appropriate treatment as the city and vendor have a history of not doing so.

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