Saturday, October 15, 2016

City Council to Discuss Hickory Water Well Driller Alsay Again

Alsay Corporation first appeared on the City Council agenda on August 6, 2013 when the company was approved to drill six additional wells in the Hickory Aquifer for $7.57 million.  It reappeared this summer and Alsay's been a regular on Council's executive session agenda ever since.  Council has not shared their deliberations from any closed agenda discussions.

San Angelo Live reported operational problems drilling the last Hickory well (in their March 2016 piece).

The last well received delays due to the well driller having operational problems. Now awaiting the well to be completed, the project is estimated to be finished in June or July of this year.  
The City's website states "Six new wells were completed in June 2016." Hints of performance issues reside in the following description from the city's Hickory Aquifer webpage:

  • Wellfield expansion: The total pumping capacity of the wellfield was increased from 6.5 MGD to 10.8 MGD by the drilling and installation of six additional wells and supporting infrastructure. This project was substantially completed in June 2016. This portion of the project was covered under two contracts for a total amount of $17.3 million.

  • Engineering: Close-out documents are being prepared for the wellfield expansion projects. Approximately $15.9 million of the original $19.38 million contract amount has been paid to date.

Roughly $3.4 million of the contract amount has not been paid per the city's website.  The closed session agenda item cites "pending or contemplated litigation."  So far concerns have not surfaced, but maybe they will.

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