Tuesday, August 09, 2016

OE Renewables Solar Farm Late on Plans

Two years ago citizens learned OE Renewables wanted to develop a solar farm on city land.  The original lease details were not included in the City Council background packet.  They were not shared with the public in the August 2014 City Council meeting.

A year ago OE Renewables pressed for public subsidies from the city and county.  The acreage for the lease increased by 75%.  The Midland Reporter Telegram suggested the company had a mid 2016 time frame to have solar generation up and going.  San Angelo Live and the Standard Times also reported on plans for the solar generation facility.

One might expect San Angelo's Mesquite Solar Project to make the News section of One Energy Renewables, the parent company of OE Renewables Texas LLC.  It did not.

Energy prices changed dramatically from two years ago.  Did they drop enough to cast a financial shadow on San Angelo's Solar Farm?  Is it dawn or dusk for OE Renewables in San Angelo?  I expect the public will find out soon.

Update 1-14-17:  Despite a detailed presentation on the project in late August there is no sign the Mesquite Solar Project is progressing.

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