Saturday, March 12, 2016

Ross Tells Radio Host MedHab is FDA Approved

MedHab CEO Johnny Ross spoke with the host Richard Diaz of National Running Network on BlogTalkRadio.  Ross said at the 25:40 mark:

Ross:  "From the clinical side of things in healthcare we are miles ahead of anybody else.  I believe we're pretty far ahead in this space as well sports performance."

Host:  "You have FDA approval on your products, right?

Ross:  "I do and we're probably going to start, they're Class 1 devices.  Right now we're negotiating with some major institutions to do some three or four month studies.....    The way we manufacture RPM2 it's identical to the way we manufacture our healthcare product....   When a person gets a pair of PRM2 inserts they meet FDA quality standards.  The difference between the two is the app and how we make it work through the smart device."
FDA approval is big news.  It's not on MedHab's website which remains under construction.  Garnering FDA approval was a critical hurddle for MedHab to start its promised production site in San Angelo.  San Angelo's City Council gave MedHab a $3.6 million economic development incentive package in January 2012 for up to 227 jobs.  The deal became official in August 2012.  The Standard Times reported:

"The San Angelo operation will serve five functions: final assembly of products, technical support, a patient call center, distribution and quality assurance," the release states.

San Angelo Mayor Alvin New, who is on the MedHab's board of directors, said the company, which can produce a maximum of 227 jobs covered by the tax incentives, could bring in money from out of town.

"It's a manufacturing facility, so it's the primary type of job we would like to have," New said. "It's not recirculating money."
Hopefully MedHab's exciting news will be forthcoming to Development Corporation board members and elected City Council officials.

Near the close of the programs the host asked Ross about his running and biking.  Ross said he has a road bike and added:

"I do a lot of riding out in West Texas where our facility is and the roads are kind of rough out there."
He also offered $100 off on RPM2 shoe inserts to the host's friends. It will be interesting to learn what's news and what's sales talk. There is a difference.

Note:  MedHab sponsors the National Running Network.

Update 7-22-16:   Another "news report" suggests MedHab's footbed product is FDA approved.

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