Tuesday, February 09, 2016

New Airline to San Angelo: Boutique Air?

San Angelo's Standard Times reported:

San Angelo city officials have reached a tentative agreement with a second airline to set up operations at the city's recently remodeled airport. The new airline could be operating by next year if efforts progress smoothly, officials say.

The agreement will be taken to City Council for consideration in March or early April, Luis Elguezabal, the airport's director said on Monday.

"We have spoken to an airline that is interested in serving San Angelo and would provide direct flights to Houston," Elguezabal said. "I can't release the name of the airline yet because it needs to go before City Council first and the company must also receive approval from the Federal Aviation Administration."
Last summer the Development Corporation provided an update which mentioned recruiting Boutique Airlines to provide flights to Houston.  The city has a federal grant with potential incentive money for a new airline.  Stay tuned for the name of the airline and the deal they need to provide service to our region.

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