Sunday, November 15, 2015

Water Rate Increase: Study Data vs CAFR

Raftelis Financial Consultants' water revenue and expense data does not match the water revenue and expense information in the City of San Angelo's award winning Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports(CAFR) for the last three fiscal years, 2012-2014.

The 2012 CAFR shows considerably more revenue for the water fund, some $5 million more than Raftelis' data.

It also reveals a healthy water net income of nearly $8.5 million, way more than would be inferred by looking at Raftelis' two charts.

The 2013 CAFR shows the impact of the drought on water revenues, down $2 million from the prior year.

Water net income fell by half from 2012.

The water revenue situation held stable according to the 2014 CAFR.

 But water net income rebounded to nearly $10 million, the largest net margin of the three years.
The $5 million gap in 2014 expenses, Raftelis $20 million vs. the CAFR's $15.5 million, raises questions as to why the significant difference?

There is no 2015 CAFR to view as the fiscal year just ended.  The city does not post its preliminary annual financial statements or cover how the city closed out the year with Council.  Thus there is nothing for the public to view.

There are significant differences in the water revenue and expense pictures between Raftelis and the city's award winning audited financial statements. 

“This recognition should give our citizens a high degree of confidence that the City of San Angelo manages their tax dollars efficiently, effectively and transparently,” Finance Director Tina Carriger said. “That is always the aim of the Finance Department and all of the other City operations with which we work.”
I hoped Water Chief Bill Riley would speak to these differences in his November 3rd presentation to council.  He didn't, but maybe he will.

Update 11-19-15:  SanAngeloLive reported few citizens turned out for the initial public meeting to explain water rate increases.  

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