Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Treasurer Crying Wolf on Tom Green County Indigent Health?

San Angelo Live reported on concerns by Tom Green County Treasurer Donna Spieker the Indigent Healthcare Fund may run out of money due to high usage by illegal immigrants.  The piece stated::

At the present, Tom Green County spends an average of $2 million annually on indigent health care; currently, there are approximately 650 active clients.
The July 2015 Indigent Health report approved by County Commissioners shows the fund spending less than $100,000 year to date.  For over a decade the County budgeted 6% of its General Tax Levy, roughly $2 million a year.  It hasn't come close to spending it.

Tom Green County has enjoyed a massive surplus from Indigent Health.  It's not clear the County is even close to having one bad year, but if it did, some of the millions in the fund's longtime surplus should be considered for use. 

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