Sunday, August 02, 2015

No Outside Bids to Develop Mary Lee Park

San Angelo's City Council will take action in the August 4th Consent Agenda to nix the only bidder to develop Lake Nasworthy's Mary Lee Park into a resort/marina area.  Council hired Gateway Planning in 2012 for $335,000 with the hopes that Gateway's connections would bring an outside developer.

The Standard Times reported in 2012:

Councilman Kendall Hirschfeld said the group could look beyond the city's connections and bring in "new money."

Hirschfeld said there could be many returns on investments, including new property taxes.
The city sent the RFP to twenty one potential developers. 

Not one replied.  The only bid came from Concho Cruises and Marina, the local group running charter boat services from Mary Lee Park.  City officials are recommending that bid be thrown out for not meeting all bid criteria.  The city is back to square one on Lake Nasworthy Development, but out $335,000.

Update 8-5-15:  San Angelo Live wrote "Cruise Boat Warrior Cut Out of Mary Lee Park Development. State of the Division reports that Concho Cruises was eliminated from consideration in its proposal to develop Mary Lee Park. You may recall Concho Cruises, whose representative urged city council to shut down the competing little steamboat operator at Lake Nasworthy in the opening salvos of the Cruise Boat War of 2014? Anyway. SoD suggests that local money is not wanted for the Nasworthy development initiative, and according to SoD, the vote to approve the consent agenda today will kill Concho Cruise's dreams forever."  Wow, I wrote the piece and didn't think most of that.  That said, I am grateful for Live linking to my piece.

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