Monday, June 08, 2015

Bids Call for Seal Coating Bad Streets

San Angelo City Councilman Marty Self sought clarity on the draft street condition map in light of the city'splans to seal coat streets in several zones across San Angelo.  Self stated:

"We verified that we approved the seal coat program last meeting.  We're not seal coating a street that's going to have to be replaced.  Correct."

Operations Director Shane Kelton said "No sir."

Documents show the city plans to seal coat a number of streets in the poorest rated condition   Bid documents include targeted streets (in bolded black).  Those around Lake Nasworthy can be seen in the picture above.

As for their condition, most Nasworthy streets are in the bottom two categories, as are most San Angelo streets.  Kelton told Council Alligator Cracking is associated with failed base and failed substructure.  Generally, a surface application of seal coating does not address the underlying cause.   

The above maps are for but one of seven zones.  I imagine some of the citywide indicated streets will need more than seal coating to address the consequences of a long term lack of preventive maintenance.

Self focused on the next leg of work, street rehabilitation or replacement, once the street study is completed in .  "How long will engineering take?"

Kelton replied three to six months with the city about to release a request for qualifications for engineering design services.  He expects to have an engineering firm recommendation to council in three to four weeks.  The RFQ is yet to be released.

Frankly, it's not comforting for the men who led us into this problem, Ricky Dickson and Shane Kelton, to be the ones leading us out.   Time will show if seal coating bad streets is more than a short term patch and possible waste of money.

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