Saturday, April 11, 2015

City of San Angelo to Consider Exchanging Logos

Consider the discussion between San Angelo Council member Rodney Fleming and Anthony Wilson, Public Information Officer on exploring a new citywide logo:

Fleming:  How much is this going to cost?  The general public's going to ask.  If I was watching this on TV I'd probably be sitting there saying to myself, how much is this going to cost the city for you to do this?

Wilson:  We'll negotiate with McLuaghlin Advertising.  I have a budget for this sort of thing.

Fleming:  It will be within budget?

Wilson:  Yes sir, of course.I'm probably at least as frugal as you are.

The City's Public Information Officer presented an agenda item with multiple aims and would not answer the question as to how much designing six different logo styles would cost.  Two of the three aims are below:

First, it would be an aesthetic improvement over the current logo that could help brand San Angelo as a more contemporary, forward-thinking community. The City logo represents an opportunity to make a favorable first impression

Second, it would lend the organization the opportunity to gain greater corporate consistency. This would be the logo that all departments and divisions would use so there would be no confusion among the populace of who we are and what we do. 
Watch this project as these aims require widespread use of the logo. The city's practice is to utilize police and fire vehicles, in addition to water pipes and streets, well beyond their normal useful life.  How many months before the same Public Information Officer is lamenting that City police and fire vehicles are confusing the populace with their use of different logos?

This item had the following under financial impact:

Eventually, the current City logo would have to be replaced on all vehicles, uniforms, stationary, etc. But that change would occur as those assets are replaced rather than in one fell swoop, minimizing any expense that would be involved.
Wilson provided no information on the financial impact of designing six new stylized logos for city wide use, much less the cost to achieve his two stated aims in some period of time.  

This is the level of public information the City now delivers.  Image is everything.

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