Sunday, March 08, 2015

Lysia Bowling to Be Named Pensacola City Attorney

Pensacola's City Council will take up the hiring of Lysia Bowling as City Attorney at their March 12th meeting.  It is item #45 on the Regular Agenda.  Rick's Blog reported:

Mayor Ashton Hayward announced late Friday afternoon his choice for Pensacola City Attorney, Lysia Bowling, the city attorney for the City of San Angelo, Texas.

“Lysia is extremely impressive, well-qualified candidate, and I am thrilled to nominate her as our City Attorney,” said Mayor Hayward in a press release. “Her dynamic nature, distinguished experience, and dedication to public service stood out immediately, and I believe she will be a great fit for our City government.”

Bowling has been San Angelo’s city attorney since 2009.

I wish Rick better luck than I've had getting certain public information requests fulfilled.  Three times Ms. Bowling appealed to the Texas Attorney General to keep public information confidential.  Twice the Attorney General sided with the public's interest, with the city compelled to share requested information.  The third contention is underway and I await word from the city on the AG's decision.

Unfortunately, Ms. Bowling may have more to worry about than intrepid local bloggers.

The federal bribery investigation involving Pensacola Mayor Ashton Hayward has just passed the six-month mark with no end in sight, nor any indication of its outcome.

And we thought San Angelo was surprising!  Lysia lived through City Council changing economic development criteria in order to fund MedHab, when Mayor Alvin New had a conflict of interest as investor and board member.  She likely will survive whatever happens between Pensacola's Mayor and the federales.  Here's wishing Lysia smooth sailing!

Update 3-14-15:  The Standard Times found the story. An update from Pensacola News Journal stated, "Attorney Jim Messer, who recently said he is leaving that job, is paid $155,000 a year, and his proposed successor, Lysia Bowling, will earn the same salary."

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