Sunday, December 07, 2014

City Council Special Meeting 12-9

San Angelo's City Council will hold a special meeting Tuesday, December 9th.  The agenda states:

To deliberate the purchase, exchange, lease, or value of real property (Spur Parking Garage, east of 40 W. Twohig Ave., San Angelo)

A commercial real estate listing for the sale of the Spur Building states:

Very Charming Office Building in central downtown San Angelo. Must see pictures and visit to greatly appreciate the value and characteristics of this one of a kind investment opportunity. Completely refurbished in 1984. A new elevator was installed within the last 4 years. Parking garage attached and accessible to the building owned and maintained by the City of San Angelo.

Councilman Rodney Fleming said he'd close the parking garage in a recent council meeting rather than pay city funds for renovation or refurbishment.  The City estimated the project could be completed for $1.8 million, however that would rise to $2.95 million if phased.

What's not clear is the city's legal obligation to provide and maintain the parking garage for Spur Building tenants.  That will be interesting to learn.

Update 12-8-14:  The Standard Times ran a piece on this topic.

Update 12-10-14:  The city will lease the parking garage to The Spur Group LLC.

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