Monday, August 04, 2014

Seeking Basis for Health Insurance Projections

The City of San Angelo's award winning website states:

Public Information answers inquiries from the public daily.

Last Thursday evening I submitted the following question to Anthony Wilson, Public Information Officer.  I had just viewed City Council's budget session and sought more information on two different health insurance numbers bandied about the last few weeks.

Please have Michael Dane or Morgan explain the difference between the $2 million number and the $639,418 shown for health insurance in the budget workshops.

The video showed the lower number presented to council today.  There has been very little discussion in council sessions and the basic assumptions remain unshared.  I would appreciate knowing those.

The basis for these projections is important, especially as the city badly missed  its health insurance budget for 2012-2013.  The city's most recent Comprehensive Annual Financial Report revealed a $500,000 miss.

Revenues are to go up roughly $1.85 million, with the city planning to pick up $640,000.  That leaves $1.21 million for employees and retirees to bear.

Hopefully answers will be shared with the public tomorrow.  If not, I await clarification from the Budget Division whose aim is to "budget costs with all due transparency." 

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