Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Trash-Landfill RFP Questions

I found a number of RFP Addendum questions interesting.  They are:

Q:  The current entrance facilities are owned by Trashaway. Does the City have an agreement for transfer of those facilities to a successful respondent?
Response: The entrance facilities as detailed are owned by Trashaway Services. The City has no agreement or expectations of an agreement for transfer or sale of these facilities.

Q:  Will the City accept carts manufactured outside the United States?
Response: Carts manufactured within the United Stated are preferred but not required.

Q:  Where will residents be required to place their carts for collection?
Response: Residences with rear garage access in alleys shall be collected in the alley. All other residences will have collection services performed on the street.

Q:  Is there excess waste located outside the existing Landfill permit boundary?
Response: No

Q.  Have there been any Notices of Violations (NOVs) in the last three years at the Landfill?
Response: No

Q:  Dead Animal Acceptance: Provide the quantity of dead animals disposed of from the City Animal Shelter.
Response: Approximately 8,720 carcasses last year.

Q:  Does the storm debris from 1995 have to be relocated at the Landfill?
Response: No. All debris resulting from the storm in 1995 was placed with an allowance by the TCEQ.

Q:  Remaining Disposal Capacity – Cell 11A Airspace – Page 5: What is the estimated completion date and an estimated cost of construction of Cell 11A.
Response: Estimated time of completion for Cell 11A is June 2014. The cost to construct the cell is not anticipated to exceed $1.3 million.

I'm sure there are more tantalizing tidbits in the bid documents.  I welcome anyone to share their findings. 

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