Monday, January 06, 2014

MedHab in Midst of $1.1 million Capital Raise

SEC filings show MedHab aims to raise over $1 million and is nearly three quarters of the way to its goal with $773,000 from investors thus far.  The form was submitted on January 2, 2014.  The date of the first sale was December 27, 2013.  It looks like a MedHabulous New Year, investment wise.

The International CES kicks off in Las Vegas this week and it's the year of the sensor. 

This "Age of Autonomy" is the result of the costs of sensors plunging, leading manufacturers to place them in every product imaginable.

MedHab is not listed as participating at CES, but several competitors will show their wares.

3L Labs' Footlogger has an activity tracker that lives in your shoe's insole.  

Zephyr has an athletic performance tracker for coaches, teams and athletes.

Sensoria is bringing fitness tracking to socks. 

MedHab's Johnny Ross is listed as Sole Manager in the latest filing.  It's clear MedHab isn't the sole seller in this space.  My guess is Ross' true interest is selling the company.  Repeated capital raises effectively sell the founders' stakes one chunk at a time. 

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