Saturday, November 30, 2013

Rep. Drew Darby's Packing

Texas State Representative Drew Darby inadvertently packed a .380 Ruger pistol loaded with six rounds in his carry on bag, which the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) found in Austin's Bergstrom International Airport.  This resulted in Darby's arrest and booking.  The Standard Times editorial staff kicked off their piece with:

State Rep. Drew Darby, who has had remarkably few stumbles in his political career,made a colossal one this month when a gun was found in his carry-on bag at a security check at the Austin airport. 
Recently Darby spoke about increased mental health funding by the State of Texas.  He said two words drove the state's restoring lost funds and adding new money, "Sandy Hook."  A mentally ill gunman entered Sandy Hook elementary and killed 27 children and school workers.  Texas legislators are loathe for that to happen here. 

In the same talk Darby spoke about the heady life of a Texas State representative, getting to rub elbows with captains of industry, professional athletes, Hollywood entertainers and other famous and powerful people.  Will any power players intervene on Darby's behalf?

Darby faces third degree felony charges and is out on a $5,000 bond.   It's up to local law enforcement what happens with Rep. Darby, not the TSA.  To those of us who rifle through our carry on for a small bottle of mouthwash such that it can be properly placed in the quart sized plastic bag, Darby's error looks careless.

Interestingly, many news sources used Darby's Facebook picture.   Even in the bad news Darby got to put forward his best face.  Below is his arrest photo, which paints a drastically different picture.

Darby is not the first state representative to face felony charges.  It remains to be seen the consequences he'll pay for his "mistake" and how this event could turn into his red badge of courage, given in the political world crisis creates opportunity.  That's likely the mantra for Darby's team.

How might a heat packing West Texas legislator deal with a Tea Party challenger?  Debate or duel at twenty paces...

Update 1-10-14:  Charges against Rep. Darby have been dropped.

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