Saturday, July 13, 2013

Will Projected Rains Counter One Month of Unapproved Pumping?

San Angelo City Council approved pumping water from the South Pool at Twin Buttes Reservoir with the requirement that the subject return to council for deliberations 60 days after pumping was initiated. Pumping started in mid April, so mid June would've been the time for Council to rehear the issue. That didn't happen. 

The picture above shows South Pool water levels in reference to two posts.  Sometime between July 10 and today these posts were damaged, with one removed and the other laid over.  I'd venture the city pumped 10-12 feet of water from the South Pool, with four feet of that in the last few weeks.  All three pumps hit air and are no longer in operation.  I don't expect them to be restarted at such low lake levels

Former City Councilman Paul Alexander once stated a "medium rain" would refill the South Pool overnight. That didn't happen last September when the area got a soaking, that sent 7,000 acre feet into the North Pool. However, the forecast looks good for runoff rain next week.

I'm praying for it. 

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