Monday, May 06, 2013

Preliminary Medhab Update

Councilman Johnny Silvas asked for an update on the City's economic development agreement with MedHab during deliberations on agenda items for the next Council meeting.  At the time Council considered moving the meeting up to April 30.  After Silvas' request I detected a change in Mayor Alvin New, a MedHab board member.  New stated he wasn't inclined to hold a council meeting before elections on May 11. 

San Angelo Development Corporation will meet on May 9.  Their board packet showed MedHab received no money thus far from the City.  MedHab founder Johnny Ross called the city's economic development package robust, but defended it as performance based.  In Ross' words:  Zero funds means zero performance. 

We'll see if that's the case on May 14, when the MedHab report is due. 

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