Sunday, April 14, 2013

Pumps Back at South Pool

Gajeske's pumps are back in place at Twin Buttes South Pool.  The City has restricted access to the public.  It remains to be seen if the Responsible User program will be implemented at the South Pool as suggested in public meetings.  City Council will consider the Twin Buttes Recreation Master Plan at an upcoming meeting.

Twin Buttes lake levels are similar to last summer when the City began pumping the South Pool.  City leaders indicated they took 9 feet out of the South Pool.  It didn't seem like that much, given the North Pool never rose a foot, much less the five feet promised by officials. 

The picture above is last year's setup.  Three pumps returned, but this year there's only one Silent King.  Last year there were two.  Rumors have the city installing more pumps, which I find hard to believe.  The City pumped nine feet between August 1 and October 14.  If they add more the South Pool could be a puddle by mid Summer.

It'll be interesting to hear what's presented at City Council on Tuesday.  There may be a new Drought level and report on pumping plans.

Update 4-16-13:  Two of the three pumps are running as of yesterday, according to Water Chief Ricky Dickson

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