Friday, October 12, 2012

ASU Presidential Finalist to Be Named Monday

Lubbock's Fox News reported:

One decision made by Texas Tech's Board of Regents at their meeting Friday won't be public until next week.

Chancellor Kent Hance said he will announce the finalist for president of Angelo State University in San Angelo on Monday.

Texas Tech's Presidential search has been couched in such secrecy that the Board of Regents indicated it "may discuss" ASU's Presidential replacement.  "May discuss" turned into a finalist. 

Monday should start the twenty-one day public notice required by state law before the board can authorize a hiring decision.  What Board of Regents meeting will occur in three weeks to meet the legal requirement?

Update 10-14-12:  The Standard Times announced Texas Tech Chancellor Kent Hance will reveal the name of ASU's new President at 10:30 am at the UC.  


Anonymous said...

Just in case you are curious, I noticed the Texas Tribune has updated their state employee database to include Angelo State salaries:

Anonymous said...

It is Brian May, this mornings paper has the story. Can't wait to read your post on this. Just hope he won't let Tech change the name.

Anonymous said...

Big surprise!