Wednesday, September 12, 2012

ASU's Presidential Finalists Shall Not Be Named

Texas Tech University reported:
The search to name the sixth president of Angelo State University (ASU) is proceeding on schedule according to Kent Hance, chancellor of the Texas Tech University System. The eight-member ASU president search committee has narrowed the initial field of more than 60 candidates down to four recommended candidates for the position.

“This has been a thorough search and I commend the committee for the job they’ve done to get us to this point,” Hance said. “We will be fortunate to have any of the recommended candidates as our next president at Angelo State.”

The names of the four candidates will remain confidential.

Hance will crown ASU's next president, pending a Regent's rubber stamp.

The four recommended candidates will be interviewed by Hance and members of the Texas Tech University System Board of Regents later this month. The final selection will be made by the chancellor, who will make the appointment with the prior approval of the Board of Regents.
This Presidential search is anything but open and transparent, especially for a publicly supported university.  A corporate dominated search committee will ensure no Theresa Sullivans make the cut.

Chancellor Hance wants someone who understands who's in charge and is willing to take orders, be it from the Board of Regents or the Texas Legislature.

I can picture the interchange.  "Chancellor Hance, may I?"  Hance replies, :"Yes, You, May!"

Update 9-16-12:   ASU's Provost and Athletic Director searches were far more open and transparent. 


Anonymous said...

Par for the course! I wonder when transparency and accountability will become more than just words?!?

Anonymous said...

The faculty are not very happy about this at all. The new President may have the blessing of the Chancellor, but he will already start out in the hole with the faculty because of the lack of any input or even information in the decision.

The faculty have one representative on the committee. Yes, technically, Dean Mayrand is a member of the faculty, but not in reality. She is a member of the Administration. As a faculty member I believe I have had two "updates" provided to me by the faculty search committee representative. Both of those updates were nothing more than a link to old newspaper articles published in the Lubbock Avalanche Journal.

Saying that we are being ignored is an understatement. The press in Lubbock is getting better informed than the faculty at Angelo State.