Sunday, July 08, 2012

ASU's AGB Presidential Search

Three weeks ago Texas Tech launched a website for Angelo State University's Presidential opening.  TTU wanted to give the public the ability to nominate people for the position, which arose from Dr. Rallo's accepting a Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs position at Tech.  Here's the chronology of events:

May 18 - Rallo named Vice Chancellor

The timing of Rallo's promotion seemed to knock newly appointed Vice President & Provost Dr. Brian May out of the running (at least in my mind).  How could someone just months into that job be named President?  Could they even legitimately throw their name in the hat?

May 29 - Search committee named

The Committee is corporate dominated, which could favor Dr. May, given his 2008 Citizen of the Year Award from the San Angelo Chamber of Commerce.  Other committee members could conceivably benefit from the internal promotion of Dr. May, as a provost slot would need to be filled.  If Dr. May couldn't credibly put his name in the hat, who could?.  The public.

June 18- Website for public nominations
There are two rumors running around campus.  One has May with a credible shot.  The other calls for an outsider to clean up ASU's spotty accreditation status and fiefdoms, which allow for personal patronage.  That outsider could be from TTU.

I have friends who think very highly of Dr. May and he could make an excellent President.  That said, it'd be amazing for someone new to the top academic position to parlay that into a Presidency in four months.  But I've been amazed before and will be again. 

Does the AGB in AGB Search stand for "a good-ol' boy"?

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