Friday, June 15, 2012

City Council Meeting June 19

The upcoming City Council meeting has little direct information on two issues I follow, MedHab's economic incentive package and City sponsored health insurance.  However, two general agenda items could address these issues. Budget discussion pointed toward major health insurance changes last year.  The agenda packet stated on page 134 of 135:

We will begin discussions of the fiscal year 2012-2013 budget. We will review the budget calendar, budget processes, and the general economic climate. In order to prepare the 2012-2013 budget in accordance with Council’s goals and priorities, it is necessary to begin budget discussions now.

An un-televised June 2011 City Council meeting set the stage for a budget with no new money for employee/retiree health insurance.  This expectation came while other employers faced 25-30% increases.  Councilman Kendall Hirschfeld referred to meetings in early 2011 where this target was set. What surprises await as Council provides budget direction for the coming fiscal year?

The following item could open the door for a MedHab update:

Executive/Closed Session
Exceptions to Requirement that Meetings be Open, Section 551.087 to discuss an offer of financial or other incentive to a company or companies with whom the City of San Angelo is conducting economic development negotiations and which the City of San Angelo seeks to have, locate, stay or expand in San Angelo 

After awarding $3.6 million in economic incentives to MedHab in January, there's been no word from Council, nor the company as to progress on their production site.   One might expect such news to make MedHab's website.  Their latest news item is from summer 2011, despite eight stories between three West Texas newspapers.  Ironically, MedHab's last news story is dated 6-19-11.  San Angelo City Council meets exactly a year later.  Welcome to the West Texas Twilight Zone....

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JWT (ConchoInfo Blogger) said...

Seems that they might be busy with the University of Texas Health Sciences Center. Seems Mr. Ross was a judge at their Research Appreciation Day.