Monday, March 19, 2012

Dream Duo: Other Darby & Chase

The Texas Tribune will host a conversation with San Angelo's state representatives on April 24 at Angelo State University's C. J. Davidson Conference Center. One must RSVP to attend.

I've been hopeful that citizens could get back their $35 million from Vought Aircraft Industries, which reneged on its Texas job commitments while under Carlyle Group ownership.  That seems like a pipe dream.  If it were truly a hot seat, such a question might come up.

That said, I miss Drew Darby's older brother.  Drew used to joke he was related to Dr. Pres Darby.  Pres came to mind this week with the death of Dr. Ralph Chase.  The last time I visited Pres, I crashed his and Dr. Chase's regular visit.  The pair kept me in stitches for well over an hour.

Ralph shared a story from his stint in the Navy while stationed at Williamsburg, Virginia.  Ralph had a date with a coed from William & Mary, a university where my nephew is currently enrolled.  The house mother grilled Ralph, treating him like a hayseed Texan. Dr. Chase laughed that he just might've been that, but he found the self importance of Virginians off putting.

I'm sure as politicians go, Drew Darby and Robert Duncan will be entertaining.  But I don't think they could hold a candle to Drs. Pres Darby and Ralph Chase.  There are some things the Texas Tribune can't do, no matter how much I wish.  God Bless San Angelo's healers, the ones no longer with us.  They were better than hot.  They had heart.

Update 4-12-12:  ASU's press release on the event came out.  The event is sponsored by the Texas Tribune, a nonprofit media organization focusing on state government and public policy.  ASU's press missed the event's corporate sponsors.

Update 6-19-12:  Dr. Jim Bob Brame extolled Dr. Chase's virtues.

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