Saturday, February 18, 2012

Consultant Heavy Agenda Faces City Council

The City of San Angelo posted the City Council agenda for February 21.  It lists a number of consulting firms under various agenda items.

1)  CLEAResult Consulting, Inc. for the 2012 Score/City Smart Program

2)  Gateway Planning Group for the formulation of a targeted Lake Nasworthy sub-district plan

3) Wolf Consulting for consulting services and preparation of a study for the assessment of current resources and future recommendations for facilities and enhancements in the Cultural District (a shared expense with SAMFA, SAHF and Barrow Foundation)

4) Presentation and discussion of the Economic Development Strategic Plan compiled by Angelou Economics

5) Accept proposals and interview executive search firms for the recruitment of the City Manager position

This agenda doesn't include Texas Outdoor Consulting, currently working on a parks master plan for Lake Nasworthy and Twin Buttes Reservoir.

One might expect more internal work from a city with a full time manager and two assistant city managers. That said, I've worked with leaders who didn't trust the capabilities of local staff.  Mayor New gives me that impression, which this agenda confirms. . 

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